One of my favorite foods has always been pizza, even if I sound like a 10 year old when I say it. There are some more grown items on my favorite’s list though like Peruvian ceviche, well made falafel, and a hearty veggie sandwich. Still, nothing is better than warm crisp bread with melted cheese.

Now that I have made the switch over to a vegan-ish diet, the one thing I miss is a hot slice of pizza. I must confess though, I had two slices of cheesy veggie pizza while I was at the beach over spring break.

It.  Was.  Divine!

Either that or I was just starving. Then my body reminded me why I stopped eating cheese and almost all things dairy. Yeah, I won’t go into the not-so-nice details.

Being vegan-ish has opened my eyes to a whole line of food products that I would have never even considered trying. One of those is fake cheese or “dairy-free cheese alternatives.”

There is a good reason why I instinctively stayed away from it. It’s not that tasty. I have yet to try a fake cheese that makes me say Mmmmmm! Even when my husband took me to a great little pizza place in DC that will sub vegan cheese for you, I was not impressed with the stuff. The crust and other toppings were delicious but the cheese, left much to be desired. After that pizza experience I realized that I would have actually preferred to enjoy my pie without the fake cheese.

Which leads me to today’s topic: Amy’s Roasted Vegetable No Cheese Pizza

At first glance you may think, what? No cheese? You may as well call it something else!
Sure but, this pizza actually gives you some of the remaining qualities that make pizza so great minus all the set backs. Crust that is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Sauce that doesn’t drip out of the crust and toppings that are not overwhelming. Not to mention that it has about 1/2 of the fat compared to some of Amy’s pizza’s made with real cheese, and zero cholesterol.

Makes my heart happy just thinking about it.

The roasted veggie toppings of artichokes, mushrooms and peppers are a wonderful combination of flavors and the sauce has a mild sweetness to it, very tasty. At a little over $7 a pie and with 3 servings, it is not an economical choice for a family dinner. On the other hand, if it’s a no dairy after effects pizza experience you’re looking for and willing to share with max, one other person, it is definitely worth a try.

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  1. xiomara says:

    I saw this at the store the other day and was curious about it. I also saw their “soy cheeze” option, but like you, don’t care for vegan cheese alternatives. They make me feel so gross after eating it. I love cheese less pizza with veggies and extra sauce. sO SO good.

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