It’s hard to believe we are headed towards the last week of February. If you have not stuck to your new years resolutions or haven’t started yet, you are not alone. Don’t wait until the panic of getting into your swimsuit sets in around May. Why not start today?

Ok so maybe you are intimidated by the gym or committing to a strict workout schedule. Start by having fun with it! If you love dancing I found the perfect motivator.

Beyoncé teamed up with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign last year to help end childhood obesity. How do you coax kids off their couches and away from their screens? Take a multi-platinum selling artist and her chart topping hit, then make an easy to follow dance routine with fun and familiar moves. Success! Not only did they get unsuspecting kids to move, thousands of adults have moved along with Beyoncé’s video too.

My daughter and I found the video on YouTube about month ago (yes we’re totally late) and we will dance along with it right in the kitchen. Try it out. You may feel silly at first but when you feel your heart rate climbing you are headed in the right direction. Then go all out!

It’s working, her persuasion can build a nation of active kids (and adults)!

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