For the past two weeks I have been increasingly bad about packing my lunch for work. If I don’t pack the leftovers from dinner immediately, I may not have time or quite frankly not feel like preparing my lunch the next morning. My favorite lunch spots like Panera and Chipotle are about a 5 minute drive from my office but that has gotten old quickly.

Since I exhausted my usual lunch joints I ended up in the grocery store the other day. Uninspired, I made a b-line to the deli counter to check out the sushi. No, this isn’t the type of grocery store that has sushi chefs back there whipping up rolls on demand. They are pre-made and prepackaged, probably somewhere in Alaska. I should totally know better since I’ve had some real good sushi at a few local places like Moby Dick in Wheaton or Sushi King in Columbia. But I’m hard headed sometimes and at that point I was starving.

It isn’t horrible but it isn’t anything out of this world either. One thing I can tell you is if you buy some of this prepackaged sushi, eat it on the same day you bought it. Several months ago I purchased some and then ended up eating something else for lunch. I left the little box in the fridge at work and planned on having it for lunch the following day. Fail! The rice was hard and the avocado was starting to turn brown. Now that was the worst sushi I ever had. I ate it just because I was starving (again) and didn’t want to go out and spend more money.

By the way, what I call sushi now are pretty much veggie rolls. I haven’t had seafood since December. ¬†Some would say that’s not sushi at all but I enjoy it just as much.

Grocery store sushi, I’m not crazy about you but you’re so convenient I keep coming back!

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