No it’s not the hot toddy you may be imagining but it is just as warming and delicious. It’s my new favorite drink for those evenings when I need to calm my after dinner sweet tooth and don’t want to dive into a bag of chocolates. Oregon Chai’s Chai Tea Latte Concentrate hits the spot.
Months ago I bought a box of Chai tea bags and the experience left much to be desired. After making it just once I realized two things. First, if you steep it too long the flavor can become overwhelming. Second, you have to dress it up with milk and sugar to get the full effect. I must have really been dragging my feet because I never took the time to make it properly. I think the box is still there! On the other hand this concentrate allows for such a simple preparation of complex flavors. The hard part has been done for you already. All that is left to do is mix equal parts concentrate and milk (soy for me) in a mug, heat in the microwave for a minute and enjoy.
The combination of black tea, vanilla, and spices warms you inside and out. Best of all it’s made with natural ingredients and sweetened with just the right amount of cane sugar and honey. No additional sweetener needed.
Oregon Chai has different options depending on your taste. Not a fan of ultra sweet drinks? Try their Slightly Sweet Original. Could do without the caffeine? They have a caffeine-free option too. Feeling daring? Try the peppermint.
There is no doubt I will enjoy my share of Chai now that I discovered this deliciousness.

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