Long before I decided to try a plant-based diet I started keeping track of how certain foods didn’t sit so well with me. Sadly one of those foods was ice cream.
For at least 3 years I denied this problem because I love ice cream so dearly. There was no mistaking though, that uncomfortable acid reflux would rear it’s ugly head soon after devouring my favorite dessert every time. Accepting that high fat dairy products like ice cream made me feel sick was a process and I started eliminating it from my diet.
It has now been almost a year since I sat down to a whole cup of ice cream. Sometimes I will still sneak a bite from my daughter’s but like clockwork, I feel the effect. ¬†Putting everything in perspective, it has been a change for the better. Three to four years ago there were nights when my husband and I would devour our own personal pint of Ben and Jerry’s! Imagine if we were doing that, certainly the kids were having their share too. It was a horrible habit. We were headed down a dangerous path and didn’t know it.
It’s sad to realize that the only reason I cut out high sugar, high fat ice cream was because if I ate it, it would make me feel sick to my stomach. Better late than never I guess. If anything it was a springboard to more healthy eating habits.
Soy and almond milk are my go to replacements for my cereal, oatmeal and coffee now. Soy is so versatile and made into so many different products it is incredible. When I found soy ice cream for the first time though, I thought, if I can’t eat the real thing I’d rather not have any at all.
Since starting my 30-day vegan challenge I haven’t had an ounce of dairy and have been open to trying some “replacement” products so I finally tasted it.

The brand I tried was So Delicious, Mocha Fudge. It had that familiar soy flavor so it was definitely not like digging into a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s but still tasty. Coffee and chocolate flavored ice cream are one of my favorites and they did get the flavor combination right. The consistency was not as creamy and when it started to melt it reminded me of low-fat ice cream.
In a nutshell, if you are lactose intolerant or have made the decision to eliminate dairy products from your life So Delicious non-dairy frozen desserts are a good option. The Mocha Fudge flavor was tasty and satisfied my ice cream craving.

This week I will compare the nutrition content of soy and regular ice creams, keep an eye out for my post.

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