Inspired by so many weight loss success stories I decided to start blogging about my huge step into a healthy lifestyle. I have been overweight by as much as 10-40 pounds at different stages of my life so three years ago I started gaining control of my eating habits and started working out regularly.
The pounds came off slowly but in a way I am happy that they did. So many times I did crazy things to drop pounds quickly like drinking “weight loss tea” that basically kept me up all night in cramps and had me sitting on the toilet 5 times the next morning. I know, sounds horrible but it’s true. Don’t act like you haven’t tried it either or thought about it at least!
Regardless, we all know those things aren’t permanent solutions. I have faltered many, many times, indulging in my favorite desserts (BROWNIES!!) and cocktails, but looking back have done a decent job of getting back on track. Overall I can honestly say I have been successful and it feels so good to be able to say so!
On to my next life goal… Making my body ridiculously healthy and living a long enjoyable life. Lofty goals huh. Well I think it’s possible and I’m going to write about it. Here it goes.
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